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Made in Japan: Kanjinchō (The Subscription List)

I found a terrific video of a live kabuki performance of Kanjinchō 勧進帳 (The Subscription List),  which is a favorite of yours truly. The play is listed among the 18 Famous Kabuki Plays (歌舞伎十八番) in the kabuki repertoire and still hugely popular to this day. The leading character is a fierce warrior named Benkei, regarded an exemplar…
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September 25, 2018 0

Behind the Story of Blood and Tears – Kyogen Theatre

At the end of episode 4, O-Bun performs the a kyogen play, “Kane no Ne“ for Usaburo and O-Hatsu. The humorous misunderstanding in the storyline arises from the use of puns, a staple of Japanese comedy. 

July 10, 2018 0

Behind the Story of Blood and Tears – Japanese Woodcuts (Ukiyoe)

Most of us appreciate traditional Japanese woodcut paintings (ukiyoe) for their artistic and aesthetic beauty; however, very frequently they served more down-to-earth purposes such as advertising, celebrity worship (yes, fan magazines), social commentary and humor. 

June 26, 2018 0

Behind the Story of “Blood and Tears” – Illustrations, Sources, Credits

This gallery includes images, videos and other media used in the historical flash fiction, Blood & Tears.

May 31, 2018 0

Japanese Design: Stone Tile Patterns

The stone tile pattern (石畳模様 ishidatami moyou) is named after the flat, square stones used to make paved roads or tile flooring.

January 1, 2016 0