Behind the Story of Blood and Tears — Usaburo’s Family Crest

In Blood and Tears episode 7 (09JUL), Usaburo gives O-Hatsu a small lacquered storage box, called inro, bearing his family crest. 

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Map of Edo showing Kaneiji Temple.

Behind the Story of Blood and Tears – Making a Map and Banners for the Battle of Ueno

Credit: sabakuINK CC BY-SA 4.0  Source: C.V. Starr East Asian Library, University of California, Berkeley   Episode 12 (13AUG) of Blood and Tears includes a map detailing troop movements during the Battle of Ueno. This graphic started with a woodblock print of Edo published in 1858—part of the Japanese Historical Map Collection housed at the…
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DVD cover of "American Pastime"

Made in America: Working in the film “American Pastime”

(Originally published in my blog, The Sporkball Journals, on July 20, 2008.) There is no small irony in the fact I now live just a 2-hour drive away from where my Grandparents, Father and Aunts were once imprisoned. On the other hand, you could call it a kind of fate

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Behind the Story of Blood and Tears — The Subscription List

 In episode 13, O-Bun entertains her friends with a scene from her favorite Kabuki play, The Subscription List (Kanjinchō).

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Behind the Story of Blood and Tears – Battle of Ueno

The Battle of Ueno took place on May 15, 1868 (lunar date) at the Toeizan Kaneiji Temple complex on Mt. Ueno in Edo. Pro-imperial troops, spearheaded by the Satsuma and Choshu domains, launched an early morning attack

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Map showing the Imperial domains in the southeast and affiliated domains of the Ōuetsu Reppan Dōmei in the northwest.

Behind the Story of Blood and Tears – The Boshin War

Blood and Tears is set during the Bōshin War, a tumultuous civil conflict that ends with the dissolution of Japan’s centuries-old governance by military families, the samurai. 

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